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Our Approach

At Cycles Couples Counseling, we believe sexuality is an important part to life. Frankly, we don't understand how you can do couples counseling without addressing it. We work to create a safe and open environment in Los Angeles for you to navigate intimacy and sexuality free of judgment and shame.

Emotionally Focused Therapy & Sex

While you may understand your negative emotional cycle, your negative sexual cycle may be a little trickier. Often times partners who withdraw from emotion find sexual contact more accessible, while partners who pursue for emotional closeness can't bear the thought of sex in the midst of distress.

"I can't have sex unless I feel close. I can't feel close without sex."

We can help you with this standoff.

For more Information about sex and intimacy, check out our quick reference blogs!

Frequent Areas of Concern

We know this is tender territory. Let us help you to understand your experience. You aren't broken. You aren't damaged. You are normal.

improving your sexual self esteem

Lack of Intimacy

Low/No desire

Does it seem like you're just roommates? Stuck in a sexless relationship? No longer feeling that spark?

It wasn't always this way. Let us help you identify the barriers to your sexual connection. Let us help you reclaim your desire.


sex therapy

Arousal Issues

Erectile Dysfunction/Vaginal Dryness

Having trouble getting or maintaining an erection? Struggling to stay aroused? Suffering from painful vaginal dryness?

These intimate issues can cause so much pressure. Let us help you relieve the strain on your relationship.

sex therapy

Self Esteem


Body image issues making it embarrassing to be intimate? Concerned about your sexual performance? Are you and your partner not seeing eye-to-eye in the bedroom?

Sex is such a vulnerable act. Let us help you to navigate these tender conversations.

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