One of the main reasons couples come in to our Los Angeles office for counseling is "communication issues." At this point, it's an all encompassing term for "we're just not getting along." At Cycles Couples Counseling, we'll help you to identify your barriers to connection and understand how to more effectively get your needs met.

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Exhausted From Repetitive Arguments?

Find yourself in the same argument over and over again? Has the way you communicate start to become a pattern? Does it feel like your endless talks never end fruitfully?

At Cycles Couples Counseling we will help you to identify and understand your negative cycle of interaction and improve your communication. Clearly, the way you're interacting isn't working.


Let's do something different!

Withdrawing From Reactivity?

One common way to cope with an argument is withdrawing. Often fights with someone you love can jump start survival mode. This may look like flight or freeze. However, as you've probably experienced withdrawing does little to help communication issues.

At Cycles Couples Counseling, we will help you to identify the triggers to your freezes and flights and reach for what you need in the moment to feel secure with your partner. Rather than contribute to your negative cycle, we will help you to de-escalate it.

Pursuing For Contact?

Another common way to cope with disconnection with your partner is to pursue them. People who use this method tend to kick into the fight style of survival mode. Fighting for connection is positive, however, usually the methods to do so do little to resolve communication issues.

At Cycles Couples Counseling, we can help you to identify triggers to your fight mode and more effectively regain connection with your partner. Rather than increase the distance, we can help you to close it.

Resolving Your Communication Issues

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is specifically designed to help you get out of these exhausting repetitive communication ruts. With EFT you can learn to more deeply and effectively communicate with your partner to avoid arguments and improve security.


    1. Understand your negative cycle of interaction
    2. Identify the vulnerable feelings beneath your reactivity
    3. Reach to your partner for what you need to feel secure


It's obvious what you're doing hasn't been effective. Let us help you to improve your communication with your partner and resolve these issues.

Let's do something different!
communication issues

For more information on how to improve your communication, check out our quick reference blog!

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