Our clinicians have found Emotionally Focused Therapy is ineffective if used sporadically. Our goal is to give you enough regular weekly experience with your partner emotionally that you no longer need any therapeutic intervention. We have found that weekly sessions is the best interval to get you to your goal as quickly and effectively as possible. While it may be a strange business model, we're hoping the work we do talks us out of a job!

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Initial Intake Session

75 minutes

Couples will be scheduled for an initial intake session. This serves as a time for you to introduce yourselves and your relationship to your therapist and also discern if this style of therapy and therapist feel like a good fit for you.

Individual Sessions

50 minutes each

Session two and three with your therapist will be individual. While your therapist does not keep secrets, and wants to be able to reference any material that will improve the health of your relationship, sometimes it is easier to speak freely about yourself and your relationship without your partner present. This is a good time for your therapist to get to know you as an individual, your history and your concerns.

Recurring Weekly Sessions

50 or 75 minute options

Cycles Couples Counseling offers both 50 minute and 75 minute weekly session options. While some clients feel comfortable with 50 minutes, others feel they need more time to process tender situations and vulnerable emotions.

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