Unsolicited Feedback From Some Courageous Individuals

Los Angeles is saturated with therapists. It can be hard to know who to choose and where to look. With so many vague profiles and a simple headshot, it's difficult to discern if you have the right fit. It's crucial to find a clinician with experience, particularly specific experience working with couples and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Haleigh Butler is one of few therapists who provides EFT couples counseling in Los Angeles who is certified. She is also one only two certified EFT supervisors in Los Angeles.  This means she supervises other therapists in the area, helping them with their cases to learn this same model. Read below to learn more about others' experience working with her as both a client or a consulting therapist.

Entering therapy is a vulnerable decision.

We understand the decision to enter therapy is not always easy. Unfortunately, due to stigma, many people don't share that they're in therapy. We know reading the experiences of others can help you make a more informed decision. Knowing others have gone through the same process successfully can instill hope and ease some hesitations.

Confidentiality is our top priority.

At Cycles Couples Counseling, client confidentiality is one of our primary concerns. Ethically, therapists are discouraged from soliciting reviews online. Fortunately, a few brave clients have chosen voluntarily to share their experience in the hopes that it will help other potential clients commit to the process. Their names and other identifying details were removed to honor their privacy.

This could be you.

We want you to see that therapy can work for you and your partner. Starting therapy can feel scary or daunting. We're dedicated to fostering a personalized relationship with you to meet your individual goals. We consolidated our reviews from our Google, Facebook and LinkedIn pages to make them more accessible for future clients like you. 

Clients' Experience Working With Haleigh

"I started with a very young therapist over a year ago.  I did not know that I was an age skeptic, but I am. How could a women so young, be able to sort out all of my 52 year old messes? And yet, she has done just that.  Don't get me wrong, I have a great deal of mess to work through but she has given me constant insight into who I am and how I got there.  She has given me the ability to give myself grace and understanding.  I still feel broken but I understand my brokenness so much more.

Haleigh has been able to give me a safe space to vent and say anything that pops into my head.  She is fondly referred to as "my barf bag" which tickles my funny bone and gives levity to what I am trying to do.  She can hold a mirror up to my face and let me know that my viewpoint is not always correct or that I am not being honest with myself.  I need this because I definitely like to put myself in an ivory tower of being broken but not as broken as the next person.  It is how I survive.

I have worked most of my life to never have anger or confrontation.  I get an A+ on both fronts.  I don't think that being angry or combative serves any purpose.  Haleigh, has given me a safe space to be angry.   The biggest gift Haleigh has given me, is how freely she can discuss sex.  My sexuality has been a taboo subject my entire life.  I have never shared personal details of my sexuality or my sex life.  Haleigh jumped into the topic as though we were talking about our favorite coffee flavor.  Haleigh's lack of fear or trepidation about the topic has emboldened me and given me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel."

"Haleigh is ridiculously talented and she allows you a safe space to unload some of the hard stuff you just don’t know how to talk about. She has a loving approach that we found very unique in a therapist, she felt vested from the very start, this is not a job or a career it's her life's mission.

We all find ourselves in weird cycles in life, some are good, some are bad. Haleigh helps to work your way through that stuff and understand why it’s happening which then ultimately will allow you to find your own very unique solution as a couple.

We have had an amazing result from working with Haleigh and Cycles Couples Counseling, it’s been life-changing and feel so very grateful to have had Haleigh in our world."

"My husband and I have been working with Haleigh for the last two years. We can say with confidence our marriage would not have lasted if it was not for Haleigh’s involvement. She has a wisdom and intuitiveness that far exceeds her years. When we first met her we questioned whether someone who appeared so young could assist us. As a professional couple in our 40s with children we were quickly proven wrong and, now two years later, she continues to show incredible insightful ness into our relationship. We owe Haleigh a tremendous debt of gratitude, and one of the best ways we can thank her is to share our experience with her with others."

"Haleigh is the best marriage therapist I've ever had. I've been through a lot of therapists because I'm super particular and I'm so thankful for the time I've had with her. She is so knowledgeable, prepared, extremely professional and warm. Thank you for everything "

"Haleigh was our therapist for over a year. She is insightful, wise, funny and kind. She helped us save our marriage - and we are forever grateful."

"Haleigh is one of the most talented therapists I have met. She is able to understand each partner's unique experience while weaving together a comprehensive picture of how both partners are affected as a couple. She gets it! Her empathetic, lively, and straightforward demeanor makes her a perfect choice for individual and couples work."

"We have seen Haleigh for a while now and we have to say she is the the most highly gifted couple counselor. She has the training and experience to handle couples who are in “cycle” and can’t seem to get out of it. We can’t say enough good things about her. She is highly qualified and we would only trust our relationship with her from now on."

"Colorado’s loss (and my wife’s and my loss) is Southern California’s gain! In an introductory communication with the marriage counselor Haleigh thoughtfully and diligently worked with us to select (when we found out she was leaving Colorful Colorado for west la), I jokingly asked whether our new counselor was adept at helping with trauma from the loss of one’s therapist. A couple months on and I’m realizing that maybe it wasn’t a joke. 8 months ago, I was wondering whether my wife and I would even cross paths on our anniversary, but on August 1 (after that many months or working with Haleigh), we “celebrated” our 27th wedding anniversary. Certainly we wanted our marriage to survive, but EFT with Haleigh gave us new tools to accomplish this; tools we hadn’t learned from probably 10 previous counselors. Haleigh is skilled with emotionally focused therapy, cares about and effectively works with her clients, is dedicated to learning and further honing her craft, and, quite simply, is a hard worker (I kind of figured the video camera was a prop, but when she told me about a “tell” I have after reviewing one of these recordings, I realized it wasn’t). Anyway, I can’t recommend Haleigh enough (and wish her the best in her new endeavor)."

"Mental health is a touchy subject, and it shouldn’t be. I’m glad I put my fears aside and took a chance with Cycles. I can’t say enough good things about Haleigh and Cycles in a short review. My partner and I have been doing regular sessions for six months now and it has been a huge success. Intimacy and vulnerability are always difficult to navigate, especially when quarantined during a pandemic. The tools we’ve been given have quite literally changed the way my partner and I communicate to one another. I’m not sure my relationship survives this year without Haleigh and Cycles Counseling. If you’re struggling to stay connected to the person you love and you need some support, why not give this a try? I’m certainly glad I did."

Therapists' Experience Collaborating With Haleigh

"Haleigh is a very skilled therapist who creates a warm and inviting environment so her clients feel comfortable. I worked with Haleigh at Thrive Family Services and witnessed first hand how she is able to highlight the strengths in couple relationships. She knows how to encourage clients so they are able to find their partner accessible, responsive and engaged. She has been highly successful in relationship repair work and I am aware that her clients have expressed their deep appreciation. I highly recommend Haleigh as a couples and individual therapist."

"I have worked with Haleigh for 10 months, and I have nothing but good things to say about her as a person and as a therapist. I learn something from her every time we talk. She is very knowledgeable and competent in her work with couples and relationships. The decision to have Haleigh as a therapist is one that you won’t regret."

"Haleigh is an amazing couples therapist and I have been fortunate to collaborate with her professionally on many occasions. I am confident in referring people I care about to her."

"Haleigh has been a vital part of the Thrive team, and we are sad to be seeing her relocate. She is incredibly well versed in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and also comes from a sex-positive training background. She has always made herself available as a colleague and resource. She is positive, supportive, and always willing to explore difficult topics. Los Angeles is getting a great new addition to its therapy community, and her clients will be incredibly lucky to have her as a therapist."

"Haleigh knows her stuff! I have worked with Haleigh and I am blown away by her dedication to her clients and her knowledge and empathy for people and couples. I would highly recommend Cycles Couples Counseling to anyone in the area!"

"Haleigh is a highly competent couples therapist. I have known Haleigh as a colleague for several years and have collaborated with her closely. She is skilled at helping couples get to the heart of their conflict and disconnection and find hope for their relationship. Haleigh is unique among couples therapists in that she works well with high conflict couples. She also is knowledgeable about and specializes in helping couples create a healthy and satisfying sex life. I would not hesitate to refer a loved one to Haleigh!"

"Haleigh is a great couples counselor! She is very professional and knows her stuff. She is also very compassionate with her clients and makes sure to understand each one of them. She's not one of those dry kind of counselors, either. She'll be real with you while at the same time making sure she's kind and compassionate. Highly recommend."

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