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low self esteem

Do you struggle to navigate big emotions? Do you find yourself reacting more than responding? Do life situations feel overwhelming or discouraging?

For many, a low distress tolerance can reek havoc on their relationships and their ability to find inner peace.

mindful self compassion

How do you talk to you? What's that voice in your head sound like when you make a mistake or get nervous about something? Do you struggle with low self esteem?

If you lack sympathy and understanding for yourself, you may be making a difficult situation even harder on you. 

fight flight freeze

Do you notice feeling tense and overstimulated or numb and totally shut down? Does it feel like you are living in a state of fight/flight/freeze?

Many times despite the trauma event ending, your body and mind can get stuck in the dynamics. This state of panic and protection can be exhausting.

Self Compassion in Psychotherapy works to help clients increase their ability to cope with negative emotions. Using mindfulness techniques, clients are supported in fostering curiosity about the challenging emotions and difficult thoughts they are having. After making space for this awareness, clients are then taught how to respond to these sentiments using compassion and kindness towards themselves in order to create soothing and security. For many, noticing themselves and responding in this way can be new and vulnerable. However, research shows self compassion can help clients reduce depression, anxiety, trauma symptoms and overall create more ease in their day to day lives.

Do you think Self Compassion in Psychotherapy might be right for you?

One of the members of our Cycles Couples Counseling team, Barbara Schwarz, specializes in this approach. Barbara completed a 30 week in depth intensive course on Self Compassion in Psychotherapy presented by Center for Mindful Self-Compassion founded by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer. She uses this training when working with both her individual and couple clients to help them to foster more emotional resiliency. 

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