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Common Areas of Concern for Creatives and Those Working In The Industry

Individual Therapy with creatives

Creative Blocks

Do you struggle to begin your first draft or a new project? Do you find yourself second-guessing yourself before you even start? Do you often feel discouraged or overwhelmed, or as though you’re destined to fail?

Getting started is often the biggest hurdle of the creative process. We will help you to soothe the emotional barriers that get in the way of your creativity. We understand the vulnerable journey involved in bringing your vision to life.

individual therapy with creatives

Industry Pressure

Do you love your work but hate the sales aspect of it? Have you been injured by feedback from promoters, fans, or others in the industry? Do you struggle with managing the emotional boundaries that protect you and your creative output from criticism and rejection?

If you find that navigating the expectations and dynamics of the industry can be daunting as an artist/creator, you're not alone. We understand the unique challenge of being a creative soul in a capitalist society.

Individual Therapy for Creatives

Imposter Syndrome

Does it feel like you are living in a perpetual state of not-enough-ness? Is it hard to handle the feedback you receive for your work, both positive and negative? Do you ever feel pressured to present yourself in a way that feels inauthentic?

Often, despite enjoying the creative process, artists/creators fall prey to judging themselves based on the outcome. This state of self-criticism can stunt your career and your work. We can help you increase self-esteem and become better at managing both praise and criticism from the outside world.

Why Creatives Need A Special Approach

Creatives have a unique and beautiful way of looking at the world. We understand many of you may be sensitive, and possess a deep, rich inner world.  We know many of you are also neuro-diverse, and may struggle with expressing yourself through words. We see each of these as a strength, an integral part of what shapes your creative voice and informs your point of view. While other therapy approaches might work to mitigate the impact of these factors, at Cycles Couples Counseling we will help you to harness and embrace all of what makes you undeniably you, in order to grow your self and deepen your work. We can help you achieve a more secure relationship with yourself and your creative process through the use of Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy.

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Does Therapy for Creatives sound right for you? Talk to Kate!

One of the members of our Cycles Couples Counseling team, Kate Ettinger, specializes in working with creatives. Not only does she have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, but she also has extensive background through education and personal experience working in this sphere. Kate is passionate about working with creative individuals and artists who are struggling.

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Ready to explore this option?

It makes sense you might want to see what therapy with Kate might feel like. We understand you wanting to feel out the vibes. Therapy can seem intimidating and we get it--sharing your creative world can feel vulnerable. Kate offers free 15 minute consultations to answer all your questions about the Therapy with Creatives process.