Many couples struggle with the aftermath of infidelity. Getting a couples counselor in Los Angeles to help you begin the affair repair process as soon as possible is crucial. Healing from affairs isn't always quick and easy, but your relationship deserves a chance to heal.

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Understanding The Fertile Grounds For An Affair

Finding out about an affair is the second stage. The initial damage happens before an affair even takes place. Secure healthy couples do not struggle with infidelity.

At Cycles Couples Counseling we will help you to understand the unhealthy dynamics of your relationship that left you feeling disconnected, insecure and vulnerable to infidelity.

Unisolating The Shame Of Infidelity

Many partners struggle to heal from affairs because of shaming perceptions. Those who cheat feel that this means negative things about their character. Those who stay after an affair worry they may look weak.

Your world view and self esteem has been impacted due to infidelity. Through couples counseling, we can help you to un-isolate your shame and begin to heal from an affair with your partner.

Calming Your Overactive Security System

In order to heal from an attachment injury like an affair, you need feel safe enough to get out of survival mode and reconnect with your partner.

At Cycles Couples Counseling we will help you to soothe your overactive security system and stay out of fight/flight/freeze. By identifying what you need to help you feel safe, you and your partner can begin to build trust.

Choosing To Heal From An Affair

Making the choice to heal from an affair can be difficult. Unfortunately in today's quick-to-judge society, we are inundated with negative messages about how to respond to infidelity.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Have some self respect, dump them.

How could you ever trust someone like "that" again.

It's no wonder with such generalized and impulsive statements like these, the divorce rate is sky-rocketing. One quick google search will show, there are very little supportive resources for those who would like to repair from an affair.

All hope is not lost, though. Believe it or not, according to podcast creators and leading affair experts, Brad and Morgan Robinson, about 72% of couples make the choice to work on their relationship after an affair. Unfortunately, due to stigma, many of those couples are just not talking about it. 

At Cycles Couples Counseling, we are here to help you find the courage to recommit to your relationship and begin the process to heal from an affair. Actually over half of our caseload is doing just that!

You're not alone. Counseling can help. Let's do something different!

healing from an affair

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