Find an EFT Therapist in Los Angeles

Where can I find an EFT Therapist in Los Angeles?

We understand it can feel overwhelming to search for the right couples therapist, especially trying to find one in a big city like Los Angeles. If you've decided to try looking specifically for an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) therapist, then you're already on the right track! One of the easiest ways to see what therapists are in your area is by searching the ICEEFT Find a Therapist Directory. This is an international registry of all the EFT therapists who have taken some level of EFT training. This directory lists location, contact information, website and training level of each clinician. For starters, search for EFT therapists in Los Angeles. From there, you can narrow down the list based on region or in person or telehealth offerings.

Find an EFT Therapist in Los Angeles

What do the different EFT Therapist training levels mean?

When searching for an EFT therapist in Los Angeles, it's important to note each clinician's level of training compared to how much support you believe you will need. Couples looking for premarital counseling or better communication skills require less support than those recovering from a traumatic affair or a decade-long addiction.

**"Emotionally Focused Therapist" is not a regulated title, so it is important to look for those who are "Certified," or those who at the very least have completed Externship or Core Skills on their resume, if you believe you need a higher level of care.

EFT Trainers

There are two EFT therapists in Los Angeles that are trainers. EFT trainers are fully Certified EFT Therapists and Certified EFT Supervisors. They run all the EFT trainings for the region and supervise many of the supervisors in the area. In most regions there are 1-3 clinicians hand picked by the ICEEFT board and designated at this high tier of excellence in the field.

Certified EFT Supervisors

As of April 2023, there are currently only three Certified EFT Therapists in Los Angeles that are supervisors. Haleigh Butler, Founder of Cycles Couples Counseling, is one of them. Certified EFT Supervisors supervise and help other clinicians learning EFT on their road to certification. They oversee couples therapy sessions and ensure that each EFT therapist in their care is using their best EFT framework and skills with their clients. Becoming an EFT Supervisor requires full EFT certification for at least one year, state licensure for at least four years, online coursework and a rigorous application process including videotaped submissions of two real supervision sessions for approval from the ICEEFT board. Clinicians at this level of training have not only mastered their EFT skills, but have also mastered the skills to supervise other clinicians in EFT. You can read more about the process here.

LA EFT Supervisor

Certified EFT Therapists

Becoming certified in EFT is a huge milestone in any couples therapist's career and something few therapists achieve. This process typically takes therapists at least a year or more of regular weekly supervision to obtain. Like the Certified EFT Supervisor application, clinicians need to complete a laborious application process that includes taped submission and transcripts of their sample certification sessions with real clients. Only after standard of care approval from ICEEFT can they hold this prestigious title. You can be sure any therapist who is certified in EFT knows their clinical skills with precision and has achieved mastery in EFT. You can read more about the process here.

EFT Therapist in Los Angeles

Additional Training and EFT Supervision Completed

Therapists who hold this designation have completed EFT Externship Training, EFT Core Skills and at least 10 hours of EFT supervision. The EFT Core Skills training is the second step to certification and is composed of 4-5 two day trainings over a year span. Each training breaks down the steps and stages of EFT in more detail than the Externship and gives clinicians more specific guidance on the model. As clinicians put this education and these skills to work, they typically participate in weekly EFT supervision from a Certified EFT Supervisor to better hone their skill set with the model.

EFT Externship Completed

EFT Therapists in Los Angeles who hold this designation are beginning their education in Emotionally Focused Therapy. Externship is a 4-5 day 30 hour intensive training to introduce the basic components of working with couples using EFT. Without externship, many clinicians have limited exposure to the model unless during their graduate training or online coursework.

How do I know if this is the right therapist for me?

If you've been able to find an EFT therapist in Los Angeles using the ICEEFT directory and they have demonstrated training in the model, your next step is to peruse their website to get to know them better. How a practice writes about their clinicians and their work can tell you a lot.

Does their "About" page speak to you?

Do you appreciate the way they talk about couples therapy issues?

Do they seem focused on relationship work and EFT?

Many EFT therapists in Los Angeles offer free phone consultations. Take them up on this! Hearing more about the counseling process at their practice and their fee structure can help ease some concerns. Talking to a potential therapist can also give you a chance to feel out their vibe.

Do they listen to where you need support?

Are you feeling at ease or taken care of on the call?

How confident do they seem in their ability to work with you?

One of the biggest predictors of success in therapy is your relationship with your therapist, so find someone you like, who specializes in one of the most evidence based couples therapy approaches, Emotionally Focused Therapy.

If you're trying to find an EFT Therapist in Los Angeles, check us out!

Cycles Couples Counseling is an all Emotionally Focused Therapy group practice with clinicians who have advanced training in EFT. All our therapists receive supervision exclusively from Certified EFT Supervisors. In addition, our licensure associates receive two hours of weekly EFT supervision on their caseloads. We are passionate about EFT and have created a group practice to serve those in Los Angeles looking for this attachment based treatment.

Schedule a session at Cycles Couples Counseling and let’s do something different!

Learn more about EFT Therapy in California.

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