How To Set Boundaries With Your Partner

Boundary setting often gets a bad rap. Many people associate setting boundaries with your partner as a negative interaction. Some even panic and jump to conclusions, fearing it's the end of the relationship. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Learning how to set boundaries with your partner can ensure a continued healthy relationship in the future.

A relationship without boundaries is destined for disaster.

We set boundaries with our partner in relationships in order to continue them, not end them. A relationship without boundaries is unsustainable and destined for burnout. As partners continue to miss each other's needs and desires, resentment can fuel a negative cycle. In fact, more aptly, those who don't set boundaries with their partner should fear a breakup. 

Setting boundaries with your partner is loving.

Think of setting a boundary with your partner as a loving way to protect your relationship. Expressing your needs before they fester can save you both from disconnection. Setting boundaries in your relationships ensures that you can continue relating in the future in a healthy way. 

Ultimately, while it may seem vulnerable or scary to share your needs, setting boundaries with your partner is an investment in your relationship's future. Be brave and break the silence. 

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Boundary Setting 101

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