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Category: Affair Repair

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Five Ways to Identify Shame

Do you think shame could be impacting your relationships? Shame is present at the heart of many relationship issues. Identifying shame can tricky. At Cycles Couples Counseling, we've combined a list of the biggest markers our therapists use to identify shame in clients. Read along and see if this sounds like your experience. #1 Shame […]
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How Many Affair Details Is Too Many?

Healing from an affair requires lots of open honesty to rebuild trust. It’s crucial to be responsive to your partner’s questions. However, sometimes it can be tricky to know if the answers to certain questions would be healing or harming. How do you know when you’ve given too many affair details? Asking questions is part […]
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How Do We Heal Relationship Injuries?

Why can't we move past this?? At Cycles Couples Counseling, we frequently help couples that are longing to heal from past relationship injuries. These hurts to attachment bonds can present themselves most often as affairs or other betrayals. It’s harmful to feel your partner is not there in your time of need, or even worse, […]